31. Dear Dr. Marcus,


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your employee, Heather Baum.


Heather was kind, sweet and compassionate during my visit.  I was going through some personal issues, and Heather's warm smile put me at ease.  Her words of sincere caring and concern made everything better, and were a great encouragement.


Heather took the time to listen, and made me feel valued and respected.  Heather's manner helped me gain confidence.  Because of her, I left the office very happy.


Heather is truly a remarkable technician and professional who I trust, and I really enjoy her personality.  Heather has a lovely combination of professionalism and attentiveness that I appreciate very much.


In closing, I was overcome with thankfulness for her excellence as well as her humanitarian skills.  Heather is an amazing woman, the best of the best.


With many thanks,

Helen C.                        March 2019

30. Heather, Diane, Dr. Camerino and Staff,


Thank you all for making the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. 

Much appreciated.  You're the best!  


Maria P.                         Sept. 2018

29. I am so happy to be associated with Westchester Imaging over all these many years.  It's one of the only places in my medical experience that I trust to be accurate and that is also run as if Doctors, Technologists and Patients are all part of a family.


Ellen H.                          June 2018

28. Dr. Camerino and Dr. Marcus,


I was visiting  my gynecologist as part of my annual check and began talking about bone density/mammography.  She remarked that your practice was servicing patients so well without the benefit of belonging to a medical corp group.


I then realized that your very patient-friendly practice was truly unique.   You carve out the time to read the results and share with patients at the time of the testing.  I have always been impressed with your devotion to educating people and explaining issues in detail.


This approach is so valuable and unfortunately becoming rare.  I have received your services for over 30 years - first knowing Dr. Robbins.  It is overdue, but I want you to know your work is meaningful and appreciated by all your patients. 


Thank you!

Mary W.                        March 2018

27. Dear All,


Having resolved not to make any resolutions, there is one thing I want to follow through on.  I am fortunate enough to be able to come to your office and lucky to be told " see you next year."  I have left there saying I must write to thank all the staff and not to single out one.  Julie is one of the most professional as well as kind health care providers I have had the pleasure to deal with.  Thank you all on every level.  Wishing you a happy and healthy new year  See you next year.




Kathy E                          Jan 2018

26. Dear Dr. Camerino and Dr. Marcus,


Every time I leave your office I vow to write you a letter about my experience, but I never do. This time, after my visit on Monday, Mar. 9th, I had to write to you to express my deepest appreciation for all of your employees. From the office staff to the follow up discussion with either of you, I have noticed a strong sense of dedication, professionalism, and empathy on everyone's part.


The office staff went out of their way to schedule my three appointments after they were canceled because of the snow. Diane, who does the mammogram and the technician who does the Bone Density test are so respectful and cheerful, putting me at ease and treating me with the utmost care and consideration. However, I must praise Heather who does the Ultrasound. I know that I, along with most women find these tests very stressful. I'm a rather "nervous nelly" and she immediately lowers my anxiety. She makes it a point to remember things about you so she can engage in conversation and alley your fears. Her kindness and caring manner is so appreciated. All who come in contact with her are truly blessed to have such a wonderful technician.


It is no wonder that your practice is so popular. It's truly because of the wonderful people who work there. Thank you for raising the bar and making sure that your employees are the very best they can be.




Theresa C                                       March 2015

25. When I leave Westchester Imaging after having had a bone density exam and a mammography, I feel as though I just left a very good friend's home! It is always a wonderful experience! God Bless!


Joann M                            March 2015

24. Excellent Service.

      DRS. on site.

      Immediate results.

      Terrific Technicians.

      Barbara P                   December 2014

23. I have been a patient of Westchester Imaging for approximately 20 years. On my first visit I was extremely tense and concerned with the results of my mammogram. I had no reason to believe they would be anything but normal. No cancer in family.

     The doctors, techs and receptionists were welcoming, kind and very considerate of my feelings. Six years ago my mammogram showed a very small lump, size of a pea, confirmed by ultrasound. Needless to say I was very upset but the doctor and tech walked me through my anxieties. The placement and size of the tumor could have been undiagnosed as stated by my surgeon. The cancer was caught early.

     I thank Westchester Imaging for being outstanding in their approach to patient care and especially the ability to make you feel secure.

     Thank you Dr. Marcus

     Thank you Heather

     Elizabeth S                  November 2014


22. I've been coming to Westchester Imaging for many years and I must say that the staff, especially Heather and Julie, are amazing- Warm, friendly and ability to make you comfortable in what can sometimes be awkward situations are priceless.

     Sherry B                        May 2014

21. Going for a mammogram can be a nerve wracking experience. The entire staff of Westchester Imaging makes this experience much less stressful. Dr. Camerino and Dr. Marcus are extremely knowledgable and caring. The rest of the staff is kind and compassionate. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Thank you.

     Janet Z                         April 2014

20. I wish all women could experience breast mammograms and sonograms the way it is practiced here. Respectful, interesting and efficient female staff. Dr. Marcus gives me results before I leave and always has time to answer questions. I'm so happy with the excellent care.

     Debra F                      April 2014

19. This practice is incredible. The staff is warm and welcoming, which helps to alleviate your nerves. I have never been somewhere where the actual radiologist comes to give you your results. Awesome, pro-woman, nuturing.

     Michelle E                     February 2014

18. What a pleasure coming to Westchester Imaging. The office is always CLEAN and organized.. The staff is always the best! I have been coming here for many years and everytime, all the staff have been extremely friendly and cheery. I will be coming here for many years to come. Thanks for everything!

     Carole L                    January 2014

17. It is always such a pleasure to come in for my annual screening at Westchester Imaging.  The staff is lovely and take such a personal interest in me.  I receive such a thorough exam and detailed explanations of the results, that I always leave with a sense of relief and comfort that stays with me.  I am so grateful for the care I receive at Westchester Imaging!

     Jacqueline D               January 2014

16. Dear Dr. Marcus, I can't thank you enough for "saving my life!"  Your care and guidance were so important to me as I journey through this new phase of my life.

      Joyce L                        October 2013


15. You have the nicest people working here- from the front to the technicians. Everyone is professional but friendly and always put you at ease.

      Eileen S                  September 2013 



14. Dear Dr. Marcus, Mary Ann and Heather, I want to thank you for all your help and for your kindness.  I was very nervous and you made me feel comfortable and cared for! I really appreciate it!

      Mary E                    September 2013


13. The technologists at Westchester Imaging are a marvel - warm, caring, kind, informative (tell you what the machine is doing and why and what to expect.) This relieves anxiety - I don't find myself putting off exams. The office coordinated 3 tests for me in part of one afternoon, - no necessity for 3 trips. Drs. Camerino and Marcus are always considerate and professional. Most results are immediate - no long wait. And, the equipment is comfortable, surprisingly efficient and fast. Thank you Westchester Imaging!

      Carole D                   June 2013



12. The technoloigists Heather and Julie are wonderful. They make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the visit at Westchester Imaging.

      Carol W                   May 2013


11. The staff at Westchester Imaging is wonderful and the treatment most professional. It's never a fun day having these exams - but the people here demonstrate such sensitivity and warmth that it is most bearable! Professionalism, personal care and kindnes - a rare and welcome combination!

      Keary N                   January 2012


10.  Dr. Pamela Marcus is one of the nicest, kindest doctors. I visit her every year for a mammogram and breast examination. I am extremely nervous about this procedure. In fact, I dread it. She puts me at ease and reassures me! I wouldn't think of going to anyone else.

      Theresa C                November 2011


9.    My annual experience here is always a pleasant one. Everyone smiles and is so accommadating, especially Julie the x-ray tech.

      Thank you!

      Jackie T.                   October 2011


8.     Dear Drs. Camerino and Marcus,

        I have been a patient at Westchester Imaging for a long time.  I used to live in Chappaqua but 5 years ago I moved to the city.  I keep coming back to your office because I have always been so happy with the service and care that I receive there.  You run your office on time and everybody is always friendly and professional.

        I especially wanted to write and tell you how competent and reassuring Heather Baum is. I know she does thousands of ultrasounds, but when I am there, I always feel that she knows "me."  She is unbelievably helpful and thorough and I wanted to tell you that she is a gem in your office.  I am sure you already know this, but I wanted to tell you how I felt.

       She recently found an irregular cyst in my breast and the biopsy showed it to be nothing. I, of course, am very relieved.

       Thank you again for all your attention and care.

       Barbara C.              August 2011


7.     From reception to doctor, the otherwise uncomfortable experience of having a mammogram is made civilized and even pleasant at Westchester Imaging! The right choice for women, run by women!

        Lisa R                    August 2011


6.     For 16 years I have been a patient in your office and want you to know that it is a pleasure to have my testing in your office.  After all these years, I still feel comfortable and confident in the competency of your radiologists, tschnicians and clerical staff.  It is rare these days to be treated this way and I very much appreciate your warmth, attention and caring manners.

       Sincerely, Rose B     June 2011


5.   I have been coming to this office for years. The professionalism and calm attitude of the doctors and technicians take away any anxiety associated with my visit. I appreciate the immediate readings of the tests administered.  Peggy M    June 2011


4.   I have wonderful things to say about Dr. Marcus and Dr. Camerino and their office staff.  It's a pleasure to have all the necessary testing done in such a well run and professional office.  The testing is done by fabulous technicians who are all very professional, competant and kind and the testing is read immediately by the doctors who are always there to report back to you.  What could be better? I feel lucky to go to these doctors.

      Laurie G      June 2011


3. Dear Westchester Imaging,

     For over a decade, on a yearly basis, I have turned to you for my mammography, ultrasound and transvaginal examinations. From the moment I make my appointment, I know that I am in good care.

     Heather is a "jewel." She is so gentle, reassuring and communicative during all the procedures. Her knowledge and expertise along with her sincerity and openness make her "a gem" in the medical community.

     During the mammography, Julie follows with her warmth, kindness, clear directions always keeping in mind a patient's comfort level both physically and emotionally.

     We are so very fortunate to have these two top professionals as part of our wellness care.

     So appreciative! Debi L     May 2011



2.   Westchester Imaging: A dream office- effecient, friendly informative. Staff explains as they go, are exceptionally helpful and kind and sensitive to the anxious patient. Empathetic service and they see you on time!  Susan T    May 2011



1.   I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and have since visited many offices. I find this one a total pleasure, the staff kind and infomative.

     With gratitude, Janine G     May 2011